Monday, August 23, 2010


I miss it already.  I love summer.  I love lazy days, eating outside, sleeping in, family cook-outs, and little trips.  This summer was particularly care-free.  We had fewer obligations than usual.  It was ideal.

However, the end of summer is inevitable and the beginning of school makes me want to organize and whip these little students of mine (we are a homeschooling fam) back into shape.  Must return to schedule.  Must learn.  Must get dressed before lunch.  Must get back to doing chores regularly. 

Chores? Oh yeah, chores.  I've struggled through the years with chores.  How much do we give them? How hard should they be?  Should they be paid?  How do I keep it all straight?

I've learned that "keeping it straight" for me means charts and lists.  I accomplish more with lists and I feel more control with charts.  I don't have to decide everyday who does what.  The chart guides me.  The chart is my friend.  That's our chore chart up there.  I looked high and low for a chart that met our needs.  They were either too complicated, too expensive, or too ugly.  We can't have ugly now.  I finally made my own based on our particular style and needs.  It's simple.  Simple is goooood.  I divided the tasks that I wanted the girls to do into morning, evening, and weekly categories.  I made labels with their names on them and stuck them to magnets so each week, we slide everyone to a new row.  All I have to do is remember which way to slide the names.  Not so tricky, usually. :)

I'd like to share my 50's diner style chore chart with you.  I made a blank one that you can fill out for yourselves.  I also created a sheet of chore labels that you can cut out and tape to your chart.  Print them, share them, stick 'em on your blog, whatever.  They're yours.  I hope they bring you peace.

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  1. Hi hi! I found you on Esty under shop local (I also have an Esty shop.), which in turn directed me here! How fun! I printed out the chore chart! Thank you!


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