Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free Pattern...well, it's almost Friday

Business first, there was no winner of the Melly & Me patterns. I'll save them for another time.

It's been months since I've linked up some free patterns. (See the sidebar for previous free patterns featured on one of my old blogs.) I finally had an opportunity to use a couple that I discovered and am loving them both. They're both for my sister and her new baby boy.

I found the blanket tutorial at You Can Make This. The tutorial gives you 3 options for trimming the blanket, ric rac, piping, or ribbon. I used the ric rac and I love it. I used a baseball print flannel on one side and some plush minky on the other. I gotta say, I'm not crazy about sewing with the minky stuff. I may have uttered a bad word or two. Probaby "crap". We've recently lifted the ban on using the word "crap". Beezer is taking full advantage of her new freedom, using it 2 or 3 times a day. Anyway, the minky tends to stretch and I found myself having to make some pleats to make up for it, even when using my walking foot. Probably won't use it again.

The other tutorial I used was from Noodlehead's Diaper Pouch. Her instructions were super clear and it came together just like she said it would. One think I love about the pouch is the mock binding on the top. The lining piece was 1/2 inch longer than the pouch itself. After you sew the two layers together, you push the lining into the pouch leaving 1/2 inch of it resting over the top, topstitching it into place. I love it. Anna has many more tutes on her blog. I can't wait to try more.

This is a little tote that I threw together for my aunt who is getting married next week, on her 60th birthday. What kind of wedding gift do you give to a woman who's lived in the same house for 40 years and can buy whatever she wants? I found a Moda charm pack called "Objects of Desire" which features shoes. Auntie loves shoes, so I grabbed 2 packs. The tote bag was the most useful thing I could think of. I like to make things that will be used.

Hope you have a good weekend. I'm off for a weekend in Amish country with my hubby to celebrate our 17th anniversary. Yeah!


  1. I LOVE that baby quilt -- sorry it gave you such trouble, but you'd never know it from here. Hope you had fun in Amish country -- did you hit up Yoder's and Lolly's??? ;-)

  2. Love the blanket, thanks for the link! You have a beautiful blog. I've enjoyed visiting this morning.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  3. very cute! havne't tried minky yet, I'm scared of it!

  4. I saw your comment on another blog and your avatar was so cute I had to come take a look! Nice to "meet" you!



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