Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well, I've done it again

It's like I'm some sort of cyberspace gypsy. I just can't find a home that I like, so I hop from town to town, from url to blog to blog. I hope that blogger can be where I squat. It's like I'm moving west and claiming territory for myself. The terrain here seems to be better for my family. Maybe I can make a go of it in these parts. Now I just have to make sure everyone has my new address.

If you're new to House on Hilltop, read my about page. You can also read my previous posts at my old wordpress home as well as Pattern Patti's wordpress home. I know, I'm a gypsy. Well, no more. I've turned over a new leaf. I'm staying here. Unless, of course, I get so wildly popular and sell so many photo mats, sewing patterns, and re-purposed treasures, that it only makes sense to have my own real web-site with a built in store. Shoot, I'd have to move on then. But, until that happens, I'm here. Thanks for reading. My main reason for being here is to promote my etsy shops, make extra money for my family, maybe save for 4 college educations or 4 weddings. Wanna help? Click some of those links.

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