Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rock stars and Barbie

Our family was just recently given a membership to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. If you are ever in Indy, you must visit our museum. It is a fantastic place. They do such a great job of bringing in new, exciting exhibits as well as maintaining older ones. A couple of them have been there since I was a kid.

The Dinosphere is only a few years old, but is a permanent exhibit. Very interactive and hands on and very visually pleasing. They even have paleontologists on site and sponsor digs every summer in the west.

We got to see a couple of the temporary exhibits for the first time. Rock stars, cars & guitars is one of them. Check out the pics. They actually had guitars and cars that belonged to rock stars, as well as memorabilia. As always, there were things to do. They had a sound booth fill with Playstation Rock Band instruments that the kids could play. They got to pretend they were recording. There was a station where you could create your own album cover and email it to someone.

This car belonged to David Lee Roth.

I can't remember who this one belonged to. See the Kiss figures behind?

When I was little, I was so afraid of them. I thought my aunt was crazy for going to one of their concerts. She didn't seem to be frightened, though.

This jacket belonged to Johnny Cougar. Oh, sorry. It's John Mellencamp now. I'll always remember him as Johnny Cougar. You see, he's from the town I grew up in, Seymour, Indiana.

Look! It's Mellencamp's original draft of Smalltown. Yep, that's my town. I actually had a t-shirt when I was in middle school that said, I'm from THE smalltown. Can you believe it?

King of Pop and King of Rock were represented.

This belonged to Mr. Presley.

This is only part of the extremely cool wall of guitars belonging to all sorts of rockers. A lot of them were from Cheap Trick. There were also some from Roy Orbison, Kiss, Elvis and I think Johnny Cash. Lots of others I can't remember. I'm getting old. Dangit!

Well, I think I'm going to have to save the equally cool Barbie pics for another time. I may have lost you already.

How about an announcement before I sign off? The girls and I have been working away on getting our Green Jeans shop stocked up. I really hope to get it open by the end of the week.

I'll give you a tour of the shop soon.

until then,

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