Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When it's time to change...'ve got to rearrange.  I used to rearrange my living room all of the time.  I love moving furniture. When I was a kid, my mom rearranged all of the time.  My sister does it, my sister-in-law does it, my MIL does it and I used to.  My current living room is big, has a fireplace, a built-in bookshelf and has too many through-ways.  I also have a big, nasty, ugly, semi-circle, hand-me-down, sectional sofa. There's no changing the room.  There's really only one way to have it. I rearrange the shelf sometimes, but that's all I can do. 

So, what should I change?  I feel the need.  How about I change blog homes AGAIN?  I've been thinking about it for a while.  I moved to blogger for the ability to make $$ on the amazon affiliate program.  If I had a lot of readers that wanted to buy lots of stuff, it might work.  But, since I probably only have 3 or 4 readers, it's not worth it. I miss word press. I miss the ease of adding photos to posts. I miss the stats built into the dashboard. I also know that blogger is difficult to comment on posts without a blogger account, your driver's licence and registration, and a passport. So, just in case I have more than 3 or 4 readers that would like to comment, I thought it would be nice to move back. Back I go. I won't be posting here anymore.  You'll find future posts here.

Now, every blog post must have a photo. I'm sure I can find something to add. Hmmm. How about the big, awkward living room with the nasty, ugly sofa? If you have any ideas on covering that beast, let me know. It's so comfy and perfect for our family. I would rather make it work than replace it. However, it's not often that you find semi-circle slipcovers at Target.

If you're wondering why we have a room full of teens, Hilltopdad is a youth pastor. Lots of fun.

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