Monday, July 26, 2010

Green Jeans is in the house!

Green Jeans, our latest Etsy shop is open!!! The idea for the shop started last spring when my girls and I were working on a few things to donate to a fundraiser. I was cutting off some holey jeans for one of the girls and thought that the cut off leg would make a great skirt for a doll, so I made several for the sale. One of the girls suggested that we should sell some on Etsy, so here we are. Most of the items in the shop were discovered by accident. Some may be made from patterns. Most will be made from recycled, thrifted, or vintage materials. An item or two may be totally new. All of the items will be handmade by me. I have some examples to show you.
Above is a Denim skirt upcycled from a pair of jeans and appliqued with some Heather Bailey Nicey Jane. Peasant top is made from some Nicey Jane scraps.

Here's another skirt upcycled from a denim leg with a Nicey Jane ruffle.

This is a bib made from a thrifted "the Doors" t-shirt. The back of the bib is white terry cloth. Isn't that so stinkin' cool?

This Brown bib is made from a thrifted pacman t-shirt. The back of this one is brown terry cloth. Dang!

We stumbled upon these by accident one crafty afternoon. I was working on a tote bag for the fundraiser and made the straps too long. Beezer saw the leftovers and asked if we had any velcro. She made herself a bangle. We're making them more finished now and using metal snaps with pearl accents on them.
We're calling them Wrap-n-snaps. That was TT's idea. She's made a million for her friends. They all love them. They're machine washable and the more you wash and wear, the more comfortable they are. We're making child and adult sizes. I'd say they're a little more earth-friendly than those silly bands that are sweeping the nation (and my house).
We've got more ideas brewing. I'll let you see them first, all 2 or 3 of you. ;)
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